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This…brilliantly implemented program is the crème de la crème of coach training.” – Athena Miller

How to Use Coach Connect:

We created this as a resource to help clients connect with coaches that have gone through the Newfield Network’s Coaching for Personal and Professional Mastery (CPPM) and Coaching Certification Program.

You may utilize the search function to find a coach according to location, specialty, credentialing, language, and more.

Choosing a coach is an important and exciting step and we’d like to help! Here are some considerations when looking to find a coach:

  1. Qualification – What background of education and credential would you like your coach to have?
  2. Specialty – Think about the area of your life you want to shift. This will help you determine the specialty of the coach you choose.
  3. Synergy – A vast majority of coaches offer a free consultation. Arrange to speak to 2-3 and assess if it feels like a good chemistry fit.

In summary, let the chemistry between you and the coach and their coaching niche, background, experience, and coaching qualifications guide you in your journey to find a coach.

Coach Connect User Agreement

Coach Connect is intended to be used as a tool for potential coaching clients to find a coach that has gone through the Newfield Network CPPM and Coaching Certification Program. Coach Connect is not to be used to promote or market products and/or services to the coaches, individuals or businesses listed in the directory.

By utilizing Coach Connect, you agree to hold The Newfield Network free from any and all claims which may arise as a result of your using the information provided and agree to adhere to a no spam policy.

You will find a coach among CPPM and coaching certification graduates that are currently active coaches under the ‘coach’ tab on the Directory page. To find members of the internal Newfield Network Coaching Certification Team please click on the ‘staff’ tab on the directory page.

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