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Know yourself and you will win all battles. – Lau Tzu

Leadership Development Programs

Achieve superior results, generate self and organizational awareness, accelerate your leadership growth

Leaders who attend Newfield Leadership Development Programs generate superior results at work.

As workplaces move away from rigid hierarchies to collaborative, creative ecosystems, leaders need new skills to succeed. The Newfield programs equips leaders to:

  • Engage team members as learners – not just employees – challenging, supporting and inspiring them to enhance their performance.
  • Generate breakthrough conversations to overcome conflict and foster greater collaboration in your team
  • Become astute observers of organizational dynamics and relationships, able to see and design more effective organizational solutions.
  • Manage diversity, conflict and change at the workplace.
  • Build an amazing ability to lead others by deeply understanding their motivations and unlocking their potential


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Committing to a program can be a big decision, and we’re here to help. Linda Fischer, our Director for Community Relations and a Newfield Grad, can answer your questions, connect you to Newfield alumni who share your background, and give you the information and support you need.

Linda Fischer

Client and Community Relations

Leaders who attend Newfield Leadership Development Programs generate awareness and accelerate their leadership growth.  

Achieving results is important, but Newfield’s ontological approach also recognizes the importance of continual growth in your leadership capacity. The Newfield leadership development program equips leaders with:

  • Deeper awareness of where you are leading from, your leadership patterns, and new possibilities for more purpose-driven and effective leadership.
  • A deeper sense of connection between your values and leadership.
  • Coaching tools and frameworks which equip you to effectively lead employees from diverse backgrounds towards high performance.
  • Skills and techniques to utilize in the everyday challenges of leadership, and as you grow into new roles and expanded portfolios.


Did you know?

Many leaders receive sponsorship by their companies to attend our programs. Companies which have sponsored Newfield grads include Google, Nike, NASA, and Infusionsoft/Keap. Executives, rising leaders, and talent development professionals have used their training, learning and development budgets on Newfield Programs.

Join a Discovery Session


We have free weekly Discovery Sessions with veteran coach and Newfield alumni, Linda Fischer. You can ask her anything about our programs and curriculum. Click to register for a session. 

Hear from Our Leaders


Hear from Newfield student Joe Sauvageau, a systems manager with JPL NASA. 

Best approach to reach our goals

NASA undertook a year-long effort to look at coaching as a way of enabling performance. The Coaching Team evaluated all programs identified by ICF. Newfield’s program was chosen by the majority of team members as the best approach to reach one of our goals, which were to build our in-house capabilities to better serve our leaders, managers, and employees. – C. Williams, NASA

Newfield has catapulted my company

The Newfield Network has catapulted my company and me forward beyond what I could ever have imagined. It has profoundly changed the way we relate to our customers and to each other inside the organization. Trust has increased and opportunities have opened up in unexpected ways. – Bob Zimmer, CEO International Resort Group, Santa Fe, NM

Enhanced my communication skills

As a Federal Government employee working with Alternative Dispute Resolution, my expectations from the Newfield program were basically to give me skills to work with conflict. I never dreamed that my Newfield experience would also so personally enrich me. Now, I show up differently in all domains of my life which enhance the communication skills that I now use in conflict resolution with (ADR). – Anita Fisher

Leadership Development: Participation Options

Newfield’s ontologically-driven coaching certification program explores holistic and effective ways to assist people in discovering new possibilities personally and professionally. In the course, care and rigor are given to linguistics, emotions, somatics, and life coaching core competencies. Our leadership development programs are rigorous yet designed for busy executives. Find out more about our program distinctives and pathways here.

7-Days | Virtual Immersion | The Foundation Course

Experientially learn and see how an ontological approach accelerates your leadership growth. Learn more and enroll.

16-Weeks | All Virtual | Foundations of Ontological Learning

Deepen your learning and put ontological leadership into practice with the 1-1 support of a trained ontological coach. Learn more and enroll.

8-Months | All Virtual | Coaching for Personal & Professional Mastery

Complement ontological leadership with ontological coaching skills. You will receive
1-1 coaching from a trained ontological coach, and 1-1 mentorship in your coaching journey. Learn more and enroll.

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