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Enhancing your capacity to take game-changing action in your life and in your organization: Our programs enhance your capacity to manage and lead yourself and others. They give you the ability to generate environments full of creativity, confidence, respect, and commitment. Additionally, they provide practices that improve your effectiveness in action and communication. They enhance your ability to listen to the opportunities that are available and to coordinate action more effectively and efficiently with your work teams.

Mastering the Art of Transformational Learning & Coaching: Our programs can give you new skills to coach and develop individuals and teams.

Re-encountering your ability and passion for learning: Our programs are designed to have you look at your overall abilities and your lack of abilities and competencies – with sincerity and honesty. They provide a space that allows you to open to new domains of action, to dare to unlearn those practices that limit your results and satisfaction, and to generate networks for help and collaboration.

Participation Options

Whether you’re pursuing a coaching career, enhancing your leadership and organizational development skills, or seeking to make breakthroughs in your personal life, the Newfield Network program allows for participation in segments or as a comprehensive curriculum.


The Foundation Course

a five-day immersion in ontological learning

The Foundations Course is a five-day, in-person conference where you will be immersed in ontological learning, taught by Julio Olalla and Veronica Olalla Love.

  • Learn linguistic distinctions, models and practices that allow you to generate new results.
  • Discover how emotions and moods impact your capacity and influence your decisions.
  • Experience the body as a territory for learning and learn practices that shift limiting patterns of movement.

The Foundation Course is a transformational learning experience because it integrates new concepts, experiential learning, reflective analysis and commitment to new action on your part. It sets the foundation for further programs with Newfield.

Foundations of Ontological Learning

sixteen-week intensive where you will embody, integrate, and apply the learning into your personal and professional life

Foundations for Ontological Learning begins with The Foundation Course five-day intensive and then continues with sixteen weeks of virtual learning.

In the virtual learning component, you will build on the learning from The Foundation Course, embodying and integrating it into your life for lasting change.

  • Receive monthly learning guides which guide you to reflect on new concepts and make shifts in your personal or professional life.
  • Discuss learnings with your study groups.
  • Receive six one-on-one ontological coaching sessions from a Newfield program coach.
  • Attend live topic-driven virtual classes led by Newfield program coaches.

We have designed the virtual learning component such that busy, full-time employed people can complete it successfully.

Coaching for Personal & Professional Mastery

the comprehensive eight-month program where you will learn to coach yourself and others with ontological tools and core coaching competencies

Coaching for Personal & Professional Mastery is Newfield Network’s premier, eight-month program. It includes the five-day Foundations Course and sixteen weeks of Foundations of Ontological Learning, then builds on both with another five-day Coach Training immersion and another sixteen weeks of virtual learning in The Art and Practice of Ontological Coaching. Here the focus shifts to blending and applying the Newfield ontological distinctions with the core competencies of coaching.

This coach training program is accredited by the International Coach Federation. It includes 125 student contact hours, personal coaching and mentor coaching, and performance evaluations.

The topics we cover are:

Theory of the Observer: The world that we live in and the possibilities of action within that world is shaped by the ensemble of beliefs, paradigms or master assertions that we have about ourselves, others and the world. By means of modifying the observer we are, we can enlarge our possibilities for action, enhance our effectiveness and reduce our suffering or lack of satisfaction that certain situations cause us.

Learning to Learn: One of the main capacities allowing us to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing economy is the ability to learn. Through this, we can take charge of developing new abilities to see problems or challenges as possibilities for innovation and development.

Model of breakdowns: In our personal and organizational life, problems occur that challenge our traditional ways of doing things. One interpretation of “breakdowns” is that they are possibilities for learning, innovation, and development, and they allow us to increase our capacity for action and results.

Effective Listening: A central aspect in the ability to anticipate working conflicts, to satisfy our clients’ concerns, and even to anticipate requests or to be an offer to others, lies in learning to listen to others’ concerns, the environment, the future, etc.

Theory of the Acts of Speech: If we review our daily life, we discover a great part of it is immersed in conversations – to ask for help, to offer a product, to hire someone, etc. We maintain that increasing our power, our capacity to coordinate actions, and our well-being, lies in improving the quality of our communication.

Powerful Conversations: One of the most frequently declared problems by people in organizations is the difficulty to generate and participate in different kinds of conversations. There are organizations that easily engage in conversations for action but have difficulties speculating, making a legitimate complaint, or innovating. There are people who have great power to dream up new projects and limited power to put those dreams into concrete actions. We bring to our coaching programs a profoundly simple but effective technique for having powerful conversations.

Conversations, Actions, and Emotions: In our current times, we often neglect the importance and impact that moods have on the results we produce. For example, actions taken from a mood of resignation are not as likely to produce the intended results as actions taken from a mood of, say, ambition. Emotional intelligence is an important capacity to develop in managers and an essential ingredient in good coaching.

The Art of Ontological Coaching: In this program, you learn how to blend the Newfield ontological distinctions with the core coaching competencies.

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